Corn Lolly

Our Corn Lolly is a blend of Molasses, Sugar, Corn and Salt. It is designed to be hung from a tree or tied to a stump. You choose the best way for use. In the heat the Lolly will melt into the ground causing a lick site that will have Deer continuously returning to. Great for Camera sites where you're trying to stop deer for that perfect video or picture.
3-5% Protein
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Deer cannot get over the taste of our Corn Lolly. A perfect blend of Molasses, corn and Salt will have the deer coming back again and again. Made with Organic ingredients with no GMO's. String is biodegradable so there will be no trash in our woods. 

Directions: Open lid and remove the

Lolly from the container. DO NOT pull on strings to remove. Place both thumbs on the bottom and fingers on the rim and pop the Lolly out. Tie tightly to a limb  approximately 4' from the ground.

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