Bone Infuser 2LB

Bone Infuser is a perfect blend of antler building essentials that deer need to grow mass. Bone infuser was developed to work in conjunction with your established feeder and active mineral sites. Your deer will ingest essential Mass growing ingredients while they graze under your feeders. Sprinkle it on the ground around the broadcast area of your feeder and watch them GROW! Bone Infuser can also be used to recharge or boost your active mineral sites!
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Directions for use-  Simply open the tamper proof container with care. Sprinkle Bone infuser onto the ground in the entire broadcast area of your feeder. DO NOT pour onto a  pile, Reapply whenever you refill you feeder.  Bone infuser was developed to enhance the mineral intake that a deer gets while grazing under your feeder sites. You can also use our Bone infuser in conjunction with your active mineral sites. Sprinkle lightly for an that added boost of growth. 

-Not For Human Consumption

- Consult your local and state laws regarding the use of attractants and baiting of wildlife in your area of use!

Contains- Salt, Monocalcium, Phosphate and Dicalcium Phosphate.


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