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When Do deer lose their antlers? When to start my minerals?

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A little science behind when deer lose their antlers. Buck will lose their antlers when their testosterone levels start to drop. Decreasing testosterone levels cause an "abscission layer" to form between the antlers and their pedicels. As the connective tissue dissolves, the bucks' antlers become loose and fall off. It will also matter where in the country you are as well. The farther north you go the faster they will drop. The farther south you travel the longer they hold. If your area has an early rut will have an effect as well. The more rut activity the faster the testosterone levels will fall from the Deer’s rutting activity. Lastly older and more mature Buck drop faster because of their heavy rut activity. That is why towards late March you will see smaller younger deer still holding on to them. Don’t get me wrong there is that odd all monster that hold on forever.

During the Months of March – July its imperative if you want bigger boned deer to start supplementing their mineral sources. Not only does it help with current deer it also helps with our future herd as well. While Buck will be the first to show up to your mineral sites because nature has them crave the replenishments. The Doe will shortly follow onto your mineral sites. By providing mineral supplements starting in March and April you should she a stronger fawns born in the spring months to follow. During times of the CWD and higher predator populations we see with wildlife this is a win for us nature conservationist.

An alternative to baiting is to utilize FG Trace mineral sites. Pull the herd from the neighbor’s property early and start to pattern them during the summer months. Not only will it help build mass on your established herd it will also help supplement the fawns through their lactating mothers. As the mothers feast on the minerals it is passed along to their young through their milk. When regularly utilizing our products you should see an overall increase in your old and young bucks mass. Follow our videos to track some growth.

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